Rating System:

A+ = the perfect film
A   = amazing
A-  = great
B+ = good
B   = good enough
B-  = still entertaining
C+ = acceptable

C-  = could have been executed better.
D+ = still have some potential, if done right
D  = I could have done it better
D- = they are not even trying
F  = worst movie ever


*2001: A Space Odyssey A-
*Adaptation. A
*The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert B+
*Animal Farm B+
*The Artist A
*Ashes and Diamonds C+
*Attack the Gas Station A+
*Bad Day at Black Rock A+
*The Battle of Algiers A
*The Best of Youth A+
*Beau Travail A-
*The Big Heat A-
*Black God, White Devil B
*Blonde Cobra F
*Bridesmaids C+
*Broadcast News A-
*Buffalo '66 B+
*Captains Courageous
*La Captive C-
*Chinatown B+
*The Claws of Light A-
*The Color of Pomegranates A-
*The Cranes are Flying B+
*The Crowd B+
*Daisies A-
*Diary of a Country Priest C-
*Day for Night B+
*Days of Heaven A
*Deconstructing Harry A-
*The Descendants B+ 
*Detour B+
*Doctor Zhivago B-
*Dog Star Man F
*Drive B+
*Faces C+
*Fat City B-
*The Garden of the Finzi-Continis A-
*The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo D
*The Godson A- 
*Gunfight at the O.K. Corral C-
*Happiness A
*Häxan A-
*Head-On A
*The Heartbreak Kid C+
*Horror of Dracula B-
*The Housemaid C+
*Hugo B+
*Inglourious Bastards A+ 
*Irréversible A+
*La Jetée A-
*Kandahar A- 
*The Kid with a Bike B-
*Kippur C-
*Let the Right One In B+
*Live and Become A+
*Lone Star A+
*Memories of Underdevelopment B-
*Monsters D+
*Napoléon B+
*Paradise Now A
*The Passion of Joan of Arc B+
*Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid B+
*Peeping Tom A+
*The Phantom Carriage A
*Real Life B-
*The Red and the White A-
*Report B+
*Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom B+
*Salvador A-
*Scarface (1932) B+
*Scream A-
*Scorpio Rising B
*Seven Chances A-
*Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors B+
*Shame A
*Sherlock, Jr. A
*Surfwise A-
*Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song C+
*Taste of Cherry A-
*Three Lives and Only One Death C+
*Time Regained C-
*Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy C+
*Titanic B
*The Travelling Players C+
*The Tree of Life B
*Turkish Delight A-
*Two-Lane Blacktop D+ 
*Underground A
*A Very Long Engagement D 
*Viy B-
*The Wall A
*War Horse C
*The Wheel A
*A Woman Under the Influence A+
*Yeelen B+
*Yol A
*Zabriskie Point B+

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