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"Tell me something new"


Year: 1987
Country: USA
Language: English
Number: 766
Director: James L. Brooks
Starring: William Hurt, Holly Hunter, Albert Brooks, Robert Prosky

James L. Brooks' Broadcast News is an exciting, fresh comedy that takes place inside the world of news reporting. Besides from being funny, the character shows a wide emotional range, everything from happiness and anger performed in a emotional and realistic way. We follows three very different individuals, whom we first see as children and later on see them as adult and laught and clearly see why they are what they are in the present.

Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) has always been obsessed with the news, so much that in some ways it's effecting her mental health. Her friend and colleague Aaron Altman (Albert Brooks) was the nerd that was used as a punching ball by the big guys and instead of lying down he burst out that they in ten years will works as garbage men making only $10 000 a year, while Aaron himself is being a famous reporter. They are the winning team, and there might be a little sparkle between them. But one day a sport anchorman, Tom Grunick (William Hurt) who uses every possible tricks to get what he want, disguised as a humbled gentleman. He breaks through as a news anchorman in his first week at the job, while Jane and Aaron feels out competed by this new threat, while there are a romantic tone between Jane and the man who is against everything she stands for.

Broadcast News is a good comical and satirical view about the life of a news reporter. Among all the employee there's all kinds of special types that we can see our self in, if it's the stressed out type or the arrogant ones. This not only a comedy, but also a serious drama about how much stress it's actually is to be working in the news and that their job is always hanging in a thin tread. It's a great cast, specially Holly Hunter who playing a character that is so into her work, that it's changes her mentally. But when she's alone and has nothing else to do, she gets all her frustration out by crying, and this is probably the funniest, and saddest moment in the film because it's shows that she tries to do everything and is afraid of not being successful. Albert Brooks is just supper and is probably the character we have most sympathy with because he's intelligent but not the love he needs. William Hurt isn't anything but the same monotone character as he's played dozen of times, but this add some anger towards his character. Broadcast News is a great film with a well chosen cast and a great story about the difficult life of journalism.

Grade: A-

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