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"Everything other than sweet"


Original title: Turks fruit
Year: 1973
Country: Netherlands
Language: Dutch
Number: 572
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Monique van de Ven, Rutger Hauer, Tonny Huurdeman, Wim van den Brink

Before Paul Verhoeven made a career in Hollywood as one of the most infamous director with such controversial films as Total Recall and Basic Instincts, he made even more daring films in his native Netherlands. And it's Turkish Delight that clearly stands out as his greatest one, with Rutger Hauer in the leading role, another Dutchman who later became international famous. And also the cinematographer Jan de Bont who later made such great action films as Speed and Twister. Turkish Delight have many times been ranked as the best Dutch film of all time, and was a big box-office hit in Netherlands.

Turkish Delight is the story about the hyper sexual sculptor, Eric (Rutger Hauer) who one day hitchhike with a girl named Olga (Monique van de Ven) whom he develops a sexual desire for, but is later evolved into what they think is real love. Eric is a restless and egocentric person, who don't like to be bossed around, he's more or less a real anarchist. Olga seems to be more and more repulsed by his wild pranks, but there's also the problem that every one around him seems to be effected in a negative way. Nobody, specially Olga's family can't stand him, he's seems to not get along with any one.

Turkish Delight is a very dark and perverse, but at the same time kind of liberating film. I think that has very much to do with the fact that Eric is an artist. This is truly an amazing performance by Rutger Hauer, a man we either love to hate or love. There are also a lot of shocking scenes (thought I can't understand why they actually censored people's private parts) many shocking sex scene which is either to daring or embarrassing to watch. There's also a pretty violent scene, a dream sequence where Eric brutally kills Olga and another man whom she have slept with. My overall opinion is that this is a wonderful but grotesque love story.

Grade: A-

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