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"Paper bag over head"


Year: 1968
Country: United States
Language: English
Number: 481
Director: John Cassavetes
Starring: John Marley, Gena Rowlands, Lynn Carlin, Seymour Cassel

John Cassavetes' Faces is a bunch of stories about the couple Richard (John Marley) and Maria Forst (Lynn Carlin) who have a troubled marriage, they both get out separately with friends and get drunk. Richard really falls for the hooker named Jeannie (Gena Rowlands). While Maria found herself a young blond man named Chet (Seymour Cassel).

Faces is far from good as Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? But it should get some credit for some of the scene's and dialouge that might seems real and improvised. I usually love this kind of films, but it's just to much of the good, that I looked at my clock more than usual. After watching it for one hour I got tired, I had great hopes for this movies the first 40 minutes. But's it's just like a real party, always gets dull as far as it goes. Another thing I think they could have done better was adding more sex appeal, though this movie actually have a sex scene (A really bad one). It was actually more sex in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? like Elizabeth Tayor in a tight dress that really show of her form, or Richard Burton using the term "hump the hostes". This has nothing of that, even though some of the movie are set in a brothel where they does nothing else but talk, and never cut to the case. It isn't believable nor effective in any way. Call me a pervert. I respect that Cassavetes doesn't care so much about the sex itself, but when he chose this setting that is just to perfect, it's only makes me angry. 

Grade: C- 

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