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"A Real Stomach Ache"


Original title: Journal d'un curé de campagne
Year: 1951
Country: France
Language: French
Number: 238
Director: Robert Bresson
Starring: Claude Laydu, Jean Riveyre, Adrien Borel, Rachel Bérendt

Venice: International Award, Italian Film Critics Award, OCIC Award, Golden Lion
IMDb: 7.8
RT score: 92%

Although Robert Bresson made three films before he made Diary of a Country Priest, this is called his first film because it's the first one where we see his famous trades mark that is so highly admired by many filmmakers, with it's realistic humanistic themed films, with natural lightning, sound and use of amateur actors which he call models.

This is the story about the young priest, who is remained nameless who arrives as the new towns priest in a small village named Ambricourt where he faces many challenges and seems not to fit in or understand the towns inhabitants. He's also don't feeling very well, his health is getting worse, while at the same time just eating bread and wine which doesn't makes it better.

To be honest I didn't think to much about this film. It was slow, and the dialogue and acting seemed kind of hallowed, I didn't feel very much watching it. I though it would be more realistic and more naturalistic. I think the narration makes it even more less, by giving it the same frame as the classical Hollywood model.

Grade: C-

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