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"8 ½ Harry"


Year: 1997
Country: United States
Language: English
Number: 916
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Woody Allen, Kirstie Alley, Elisabeth Shue, Judy Davis

Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry is a wonderful creative, well made and structured comedy. I just love all the new twist, satire and word games Woody Allen has written. In this delightfull comedy we once again follow Allen, this time as the author Harry Block who is hated by most of his friends and family, for using them in his material. One day his been invited to the university which he dropped out of, to be honored. He don't want to go there alone, he is companied by his friend Richard, a hooker named Cookie and his son who his not actually allowed to take with him because of the visiting time set by his ex-wife Joan (Kirstie Alley).

The creative mind of Allen, lets us into Harry's books, and we get some reconstructed scene's from his novels. But their manage to get out of the book and into the real world (Just like as in The Purple Rose of Cairo) where they give advice and support Harry and helps him to understand himself and the people who he has hurt. We also get to meet the real people whom theese characters are based on. One example is Harry's older sister who is an extremely faithful jewish woman. This was the inspiration to the character Helen (Demi Moore). 

We have also one of Harry's other characters named Mel (Robin Williams) who's is out of focus, literary out focus, camera focus, while everything and every one around him isn't. This is what I love about most of Allen's films, he's not afraid to use surrealism, and he does it so well that we find it so natural. One can imagine that Deconstructing Harry is based on Woody Allen himself, but some critics has stated that this picture is more inspired by Jewish-American novelist Phillip Roth. Deconstructing Harry is a wonderful creative comedy. So if you love any of Woody Allen's earlier work, this is definitely among his best.

Grade: A-

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