lørdag 13. april 2013

"Worst Movie Ever!"


Year: 1963
Country: United States
Language: English
Number: 398
Director: Ken Jacobs
Starring: Ken Jacobs, Jack Smith

The authors are really testing our loyalty by putting in Ken Jacobs' underground dog poop, Blonde Cobra. Their description of this short give us a pretty decent view of this movie, and are even described as a bit slow. What an understatement, there's absolutely nothing special about this stinker. It's a short film about two homosexuals who jokes around wearing ugly costumes and makeup, while the nasal blackboard voice of Jack Smith almost destroys our eardrums, telling us all kinds of perverted stories, sometimes with a psychotic laughter. This is even more unbearable if I were to watch ten hours of those crazy twisted Monty Python animations, which I would rather do then watching Blonde Cobra again. Thumbs down.

Grade: F

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