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"Photojournalism on its Best!"


Year: 1986
Country: United States/United Kingdom
Language: English, Spanish
Number: 753
Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: James Woods, Jim Belushi, Michael Murphy, John Savage
Oscar nominations: Best Actor (James Woods), Best Original Screenplay

Oliver Stone's war drama Salvador is the real life story about the photo journalist Richard Boyle (James Woods) who's witnessing all kinds of horror in El Salvador. The far-right dictatorship with its death squads and in-direct support from the USA. But a war is on its march, between the Salvador government and left-wing rebels. Unfortunately there's only a few people that knows the real story, and Richard is one of them who has to fight for it.

Salvador is another great example of Oliver Stone's great three dimensional political thrillers, that doesn't side with any one. There's cruelty on both sides, but we are forced to choose between two lesser evils. There's all the different political types. There's the right-wing republicans who will do anything to stop the spread of communism, and the posh news reporters that gives the public a black and white view of the situation. Boyle realizes that real justice is impossible.

James Woods is just splendid in this film. He's the right person to play the obsessed outsider, a role that categorizes most of his performances, but are well chosen for this movie. There's also some comical relief from Jim Belushi as Boyle's best friend, Dr. Rock. Something that might sound impossible for this kind of film, but actually works pretty good in this one. I really liked Salvador, certainly a great exhilarating film directed by Oliver Stone who knows all about what a dirty game politics are. Thumbs up.

Grade: A-

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KimWilson sa...

I like the pacing of this a lot. Stone's films always seem to have a kinesthetic feel to them--Woods was an excellent choice for the role of Richard Boyle.