søndag 9. juni 2013

"Comical Horror Behavior"


Original title: 하녀 (Hanyo)
Year: 1960
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Number: 362
Director: Kim Ki-young
Starring: Lee Eun-shim, Ju Jeung-nyeo, Kim Jin Kyu, Ahn Sunge-kee

Kim Ki-young's horror classic The Housemaid is the story about a handsome music teacher who's in need of a housemaid to help around the house, because of his pregnant wife. One of his students finds him a housemaid, a crazy one, unfortunately, who's one of those unfortunate souls who have fallen obsessionally in love with the teacher, and starts to terrorize the rest of his family, his wife and two children.

The Housemaid is an alright exaggerated horror film, that's on the edge of being a comedy, because of how nice the teacher is treating the housemaid, even though she's a psycho from the start, and that he's continuing to treat her nice even when she do things that every regular person would have killed her, or at least fire her right away. I just couldn't buy the movie at all, even though there are some great dialogue and some enjoyable horror cliches which is enough to give this film a marginal thumbs up.

Rating: C+

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