onsdag 22. mai 2013

"Bourgeoisie Filmmaking"


Year: 2000
Country: France/Belgium
Language: French
Number: 963
Director: Chantal Akerman
Starring: Stanislas Merhar, Sylvie Testud, Olivia Bonamy, Liliane Rovère

Chantal Akerman's La Captive is loosely based on Marcel Proust's novel La Prisonnière. It's the story about a wealthy man, Simon and his girlfriend Ariane, whom he suspects have an affair with another woman. Simon confronts her with this statement, but Ariane denies this, but Simon knows better and think it's best if they separate and not repress their feelings. But it isn't that easy at all.

Even though I haven't read any of Marcel Proust's work, this film is one of those film adaptions that you know too darn well never should have been made into a movie, because of all the things going on inside their heads. It's too long, it's too slow and some of the character's actions is just too sentimental and too bourgeoisie. But I did like the discussions, which were interesting, realistic and complex, just like in real life relationships. There's also some quite good sex scenes as well. But it was just too static, like a play or an "artistic" Antonioni film. Thumbs down.

Grade: C-

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