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"Black Magic"


Year: 1987
Country: Mali/Burkina Faso/France/West Germany/Japan
Language: Bambara, Fulah
Number: 757
Director: Souleymane Cissé
Starring: Issiaka Kane, Aoua Sangare, Niamanto Sanogo, Balla Moussa Keita
Cannes: Jury Prize, Prize of the Ecumenical Jury, Palm d'Or

Yeelen is based on an old Bambarian folklore that probably dates back all the way to the thirteenth century, where we follow a young wizard named Niankoro, who's father is also a wizard, an evil one that are coming after Niankoro to kill him. On his journey Niankoro sees all the tribes wars that are tearing the country apart. He even helps a king defeating his enemies, and the king offers Niankoro to stay, but Niankoro refuses, because he knows he have to meet his father, face to face, sooner or later.

Yeelen is a special film, and a very spiritual one indeed. But the best part is that it doesn't feel surreal. It feels more like an actual folklore. It's as artistic as a Parajanov film, with all its imagery and real magic. And there's a big climax in the end that is pretty amazing. but the film itself drags a little now and then, and sometimes it takes for ever to get to the point. But I liked it very much, and it's certainly a delightful rural film from Mali. Thumbs up.

Grade: B+

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