torsdag 4. april 2013

"Not for Epileptics"


Year: 1962
Country: United States
Number: 384
Director: Stan Barkhage

Stan Brakhage's avant-garde short film, Dog Star Man is supposedly a story about a bearded man climbing a mountain accompanied by a dog. But what I see is a fog of heavy experimental editing with clips featuring fast paste images of the sun, human testicles and other mumbo jumbo, that now a days are just another music visualization on your computer, something that might have been revolutionary back then. And the plot summary has no meaning at all, although there's a one forth of a second clip featuring a man and a dog, and that's supposedly enough. But I wasn't given what I was promised. I want my money back. There's actually another five sequels, but watching the first one was bad enough. 30 minutes that felt more like 30 hours. You are not gonna gain anything from this movie other than epilepsy. Thumbs down.

Grade: F

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