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"Fassbinder = Fassbender"


Year: 2011
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Number: 1092
Director: Steve McQueen
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale, Nicole Beharie

Steve McQueen's (not The Steve McQueen) Shame is a masterpiece, with a lot of shocking scenes that we are not used to, but that many of us boys will relate to so much that we feel the shame come over us. So just in case, just see it alone.

Shame is set in New York were we follow the thirty or something Brandon (Michael Fassbender) who seems like an ordinary New Yorker with a good looking face and body, a well paid office job and a fancy apartment. He does't stand out of the crowd if you had seen him. But behind closed doors he's a sex-addict who masturbate as much as possible, even i public bathrooms. He like to have sex with prostitutes, and some times stalks girls that he sees. Many of these doesn't sounds that bad, but it's when his sister, Sissy (Carey Mulligan) has come to live with him, because she has nowhere else to stay. And it's then the Shame comes to it rights, when she is down and need a brother now more then every, she's rejected, and her brother want's her out since shes in the way. The sex-addiction start to give consequences to the people around him.
Shame is a macabre film to watch, but at the same time also a beautiful and sexy film thanks to it cinematography. It isn't only contains naked bodies, but also minutes long shots which is McQueen's trademarks. For example the scene where Brandon is jogging trough New York while listening to classical music, or when Sissy is singing Sinatra's New York, New York while we see the look at her face which show the quiet opposite of what the song is saying. We get a perfect view of the real New York as the city that never sleeps.

Michael Fassbender does what's to date his best performance, and I hope we get a lot of better competitive once. He does a marvelous performance, and is truly believable as the characters he's playing, plus he also doesn't look to pretty as most other actors these days. While most other actors still have something boyish with them, Michael Fassbender looks like a grown up, a average looking man, with a average looking body. And that is what makes him believable, plus he's character give us that impression that he's not what he is, that he seems a little shy and does't always want's to be the center of attention. But all this makes him interesting and attractive to most women. He plays a character with a wide range of personalities who he's able to hide. He's always wearing a mask, and in the end we don't really know who the real Brandon is. Fassbender is without a doubt the new Marlon Brando, and that's mainly because he's performance can be compared with Brando's performance in Last Tango in Paris.

I could go all the day talking about Fassbender but I think I said all that's important. My conclusion about Shame is that it's a movie that is strong, that we recognize us self and identify with Fassbender's character so much that's I think it's better if you see this movie alone. This is really a mind-blowing film, that might set your own life into perspective. Thumbs up.

Grade: A

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